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URL Shortener

We, provide a link shortener and manager software, with flexibility at its core, to use for your own business, or as an individual, in minutes.

  • Powerful, yet simple

    Introducing you a new generation of link shortening software. With a professional grade user interface and compelling feature set, our software solution is ready for everyone.

  • Take control over your links

    Personalize your audience experience with the geographic, platform, and link rotation targeting features. Learn more about your users with our advanced analytics insights.

  • Reach back your audience

    Improve your brand awareness and conversions by retargeting the audience that's already known to be interested in your product, with our pixel retargeting integration for links.

  • Flexible payment gateway

    Monthly and yearly plan subscriptions. Secure online payments using well-known and trusted payment gateways: Stripe and PayPal.


Simple, powerful & recognizable links

We, provide a marketing platform for social networks that will help you save time and optimize profile management, through visual plans, schedule posts and automation.

  • Links
  • Aliases
  • Domains
  • QR Codes
  • Bio Profiles
  • Pixels
  • Channels
  • Teams
  • Advanced Stats
  • Targeting
  • Geo Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Language Targeting
  • Link password
  • Link expiration
  • Link deactivation
  • Splash Pages
  • Overlay Pages
  • Data export
  • Paramenter Builder
  • API access

Empower yourself

Get to know your audience with our detailed statistics and better understand the performance of your links.

Users are aware of the links they're clicking, branded links will increase your brand recognition, inspire trust and increase your click-through rate.

Easily integrates with your favorite retargeting platforms.

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